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***ASTRO WEATHER ALERT!!! When Honesty Fails, edition

I'm known in the astrological community for...actually, I'm not known in the astrological community because...Good Lord, this current Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn first, now backed up into Sagittarius, is a confusing cluster-cluck of too much honesty and too little listening and understanding!

Let's try that again. I'm known by the people who know me through my Astro Weather Alerts now posted partially here and fully on my MonteFarber dot com-on-down website as an astrologer who knows a thing or two about what the heck exactly is a Mercury Retrograde. I have a great video about it on YouTube that I'll post here as a comment following this post but the problem is that, as of this essay, I kind of disagree with myself - is that too honest? Yes, of course it is, dang it, and that's why I disagree with myself; this is a humbling ding-error of a Mercury Retrograde and my legendary-in-my-own-mind explanation of the phenomenon, basically one must either Be Aware or Beware in communications, travel and contracts, is not doing the job for me on this Merc Ret.

Before you jump onto your keyboard and ask, this Mercury Retrograde started on Dec 19, 2016, on the 16th degree of Capricorn and then Mercury appeared to move backwards, APPEARED but didn't change course one iota!, and still is appearing to move backwards today, Friday, January 6th (flying by, this month!) 2017, and has JUST moved back one sign onto the 30th (last) degree of Sagittarius (and that's a big part of the problem!!!) and the Merc Ret will end (sort of) on the 8th of January (hooray!) on the 29th degree of Sag but will still be in what some trouble making astrologers (me included sometimes - too honest?) call its "Shadow Period," because Mercury will not get back to the degree it was on when it started to drive me crazy and screw up my computers and smartphone bill and packages coming to me going through more route changes that Magellan's round the world voyage, until January F'in 28th!!!! I'm aware, me, I'm aware, but sometimes awareness is not enough and sometimes honesty is not enough and it appears that this is one of those times!

Honestly, I know some of you will be a bit perturbed that you can only access the rest of this essay, the part where I stop beating my gums and start telling you what all this Mercury Retrograde Honesty Fail means to you in your daily life but, God/dess, I can't stop myself! I don't care! Why? Because all you have to do to read the rest of my wacky essay is to click the link at the bottom of this post and you'll be taken to my website where, if you've completed the energetic transfer and registered there to read these gems of astro weather reporting and retorting, and especially if you've honored my hard earned work by signing up there to contribute as little as $3.95 (Amy likes numbers that add up to 8) of your hard earned money, unless you are an heir/ess, in which case, cool!, I'm sure you had to go through plenty of crap to inherit it and I'm happy for you, and once you've set up your contribution, you and I are square and you can read tonight's post and the rest of this year's posts (yes, I used to just give my genius away back in the day, the day being last week).

OK, here's the link:


Mercury Retrogrades are hard enough. Sure, when I'm not in the throws of coughing fits when I try to speak (Mercury Retrograde!), misunderstanding what I consider to be a life-changing emergency when it isn't and reacting as if it is (Merc Ret) or generally either having not heard, understood, or cared enough to listen close enough to avoid trouble (M R), I can ride my high horse and say, "Mercury REtrograde? Nothing to worry about! Be aware or Beware," but after today which, as I said in my post yesterday, would be full of emotional surprises (Which is why I thought I had a life-changing emergency on my hands, Scarlet Ribbons had me emotional and wary), I am ready to call BS on myself because this Mercury Retrograde is turning out to be NASTY and it's making NASTY situations NASTIER!

So, what's in it for you? Hey, I get it, I'm not mad at all. You paid the price of admission and you want to know what I think you should do to mitigate the consequences of what I have been ranting about. Well, the first thing, is CAN YOU RELATE TO WHAT I'VE BEEN RANTING ABOUT? If not, then never mind, you're in the clear and it's probably just me and the way it's falling in my chart.

If you CAN related to what I'm ranting about, then you know damn well what I mean when I say that, regarding packages and smartphones and computers, well, the bad news is that there's not much you can do about that aspect of this Merc Ret until 8 January, at which time things should calm down considerably on that end, the inanimate object, package delivery end.

The people driving each other crazy end? That's another story. If you were born in the first half of Capricorn or the last five or six days of Sagittarius, damn, you must have been shaking your head in agreement when you read my screed. Now, I don't have my Sun there but the Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn I was born with is close enough for jazz and that's what's blowing my horn. So it is for you if you have any planets or your Rising Sign or Midheaven in that 25 degrees Sagittarius to 16 degrees Capricorn zone. You can get your chart done for free at, though they won't have the asteroid Chiron, which I have at 19 degrees Sag (yikes, another culprit!).

So it is if you have planets or your Rising Sign or Midheaven in the zone of 25 degrees Gemini to 16 degrees Cancer, though it won't be as gum-stuck-to-your-shoe "I can't shake this crazy thing!" crazy. You'll experience, depending on the planet, through people and situations having the crazy stuff happen to them and you having to deal with it in some way.

The rest of the world will experience it to various degrees based on their individual charts. Some of you will experience this Retrograde as positive, but, if you do, I wouldn't go bragging about it! Those "in the shit" of this Merc Ret will be overly honest about telling you what they think!

And, oh, yeah, that's the point of this whole essay! The Honesty level is way too high, when it comes to interpersonal communications. It's as if the whole world has gone Sagittarius honest with Scorpionic in your face the truth shall set ME free, screw you, energy.

So tell the truth and see what happens. To every thing, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven. This is a time when honesty may not be the best policy. Honest truth telling might be perceived as you having a second agenda because, damn, that sure seems honest, hmmm, that can't be all of it (pulls on beard), hmmmmm. I'll keep digging and find out what is REALLY going on.

A wise person keeps there own counsel now. Better to be silent and thought a fool than to tell the truth and remove all doubt, that is what' going on here for this retrograde. And, ok, Be Aware or Beware, it's still true, now that I've calmed down a bit (only a bit!) January 8th can't come soon enough. I may get my Christmas present by then!

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