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***ASTRO WEATHER REPORT*** And Now, Sport! edition

Those of you who've seen the films and TV shows of comedy troupe, Monty Python's Flying Circus will recognize the line, "And now, Sport," as one of their transitional phrases in between sketches, "And now for something completely different," being another. Every time I meet someone for the first time and I tell them my name and they either mention or call me Monty Python, I know it's time to make my exit and avoid this person in future, if at all possible. I'm sure you have some pet peeve trigger wire that, once tripped by someone, makes it hard for you to want to be with them again.

Todays Astro Weather is "It's raining menstruation-level sensitivity!" If you have trip wires strung around your sore spots, you can expect them to be set off, probably all of them and at once, as if a herd of buffalo decided to visit your campsite while you are sleeping. They may not mean any harm, but they will almost certainly cause a lot of harm to the extreme sensitivity astro energy matrix that is happening today, Wednesday, Jan 4th, 2017!

But not everyone who breaks your trip-wire is going to be as innocent as a buffalo, some are going to try and goad you as if it was their sport. I hate sports, in general. Well, not all of them. I love to exercise, but that's not a sport. In a sense, daily life, writing, working as a free lance artist and trying to work our Enchantment on the World, which really seems to need it, is my sport.

I was once having dinner with like a dozen sales executives in the food business, all males and a few of them, men. Amy Zerner and I had invented a cookie game, believe it or not, Fortune Frookies: The Game You Love To Eat, for a natural fruit-sweetened cookie company based in Sag Harbor, NY, at the time, Frookies. Amy and I went to quite a few food conventions and I'll write more about them some other time. What I'd like to tell you about now was what happened when the conversation turned to sports.

Everyone went around the table telling the rest of us what was their favorite sport; I was in purgatory. I felt like I was in public school and it would soon be my turn to wing some kind of bullshit answer, but I decided to go with the truth and when it came to me I said, "I hate sports. I was a gladiator in a past life and any sport where the same number of men walk off the field as walked onto it is not interesting to me." After the stunned silence I expected, I was surprised that this answer was accepted, somehow falling inside the measuring chain of masculine posturing and joking, but I was serious! ;-)

Both Sport and Film have taken a beating lately. The ratings for NFL football games in the USA are down, down, down and they've made just about every excuse in the book for why, exactly, America's Other National Pastime seems to have past its time. So, too, has the Film business, the business from which I used to make my living as a location manager and bodyguard. It's too easy to blame the decline of both on the stars of the various games being too vocal about their political views, though I'm sure that is part of it. There is actually a very clear astrological explanation for what the heck is going on and it ties right into the sensitivity that we are all going to encounter today and the difficult year that was 2016, i.e.; PISCES and NEPTUNE being in Pisces!!!!!

I can't say enough how strong I consider to be anyone and everyone with the zodiac sign Pisces prominent in their chart and by prominent I mean if you have ANY planet in Pisces or are a Pisces Rising or even if you have a Pisces Midheaven, which would mean you could be a Gemini, Taurus or Cancer Rising, depending on where in the world you were born. Pisces today is highlighted and so we might smell a few whiffs of the stench of 2016 today for, today as it was then, there is a shit storm brewing in the sign. Venus, NEPTUNE (ruler of Pisces), Mars (uncomfortable in that sign, like a Gladiator in a church), the asteroid Chiron and The Moon, all in Pisces and boy are our tear ducts tired.

Pisces are either in their element or overwhelmed and under the covers today, communing with the forces and realms and dimensions beyond this one, helping people even if they don't want to be helped and ending up hurt from their helping, drained.

But what about the rest of us? Well, Virgo, the opposite sign to Pisces, are experiencing the shit storm in the form of other people trying to get them to feel, feel, feel the way those other people want them to feel, not the way the Virgo people actually feel or want to feel. And the people trying to work their will on Virgos are not necessarily Pisces prominent people. The way astrology works is when planets are opposing your Sun, you will experience other people opposing your purpose, your ego, and these people can be of any Sun sign, though the overwhelmed or ready to help Pisces people you encounter might be the worst offenders of your delicate Virgo sensibilities. Virgos are like Pisces in reverse, Pisces escapes into the vast universe of unseen forces, dimensions, and faith in things unseen, while Virgo escapes into the details of things. They both daydream but in different directions.

But what about the rest of us? Well, Sag's and Gemini's might find themselves in the middle of other people's problems. Aquarians and Aries people don't know what to make of these Piscean energies and are just ignoring them, living in their own world. Capricorns, Taurians, are figuring out a way to gain from the situation - I'm not joking, they can actually benefit from the storm - and Scorpio's and Cancer people can use the sensitive energies of this Piscean mash up to realize long held dreams!!!

Of course, these are gross generalization based on one's Sun Sign and things are different for everyone depending on their individual chart. That's why it pays to get an astrological reading from someone who can help you to benefit from the way your chart intersects with the energies of any time period. That's me! Hey, you're on my Astrology website, so if you're ready to work with me reading your charts, it's only a click away. Now that would be something completely different, right? See you soon!

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