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Astro New Year's Report

I once asked the truly great astrologer (and droll humorist), Michael Lutin, why he preferred not to make predictions and he said, "OK, it will be more of the same, only worse!" I loved it because it had the ring of truth to it and as an Aquarius, I want to know the truth so I know what to do to deal with reality. As I tell the people I do business with (when it's appropriate), "I can handle bad news. What I can't handle is no news."

I've been looking at how the angles/aspects between the planets staring with Mars and going out to Pluto play out for this year and most of what's been happening the last few months is going to be happening in 2017, at least for most of it. It really is difficult to make specific predictions about a year, but you can rest assured I'll do my best to keep you informed about the daily astro weather. Have a safe and Happy New Year! And thanks, Facebook, if you click on Happy New Year! it turns into fireworks!

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