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Don't Let My Child Go Crazy edition

In my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies, "Little Big Man," the brilliant Chief Dan George decides it's his day to die and goes up on the hill to do so, lying down and waiting for death, only to open his eyes again, sit upright and say to the Great Spirit, "And don't let my son go crazy," referring to Dustin Hoffman's character, whom he had adopted and who called him "grandfather." I have come to realize that many people do, in fact, go kind of crazy as they get older, far more in numbers and in the types and degrees of crazy than I ever imagined. And, yes, I may be one of them.

Tonight's essay is engendered by the fact that the planet Uranus has started moving forward through the Zodiac after having been retrograde for many months and then stationary recently. Uranus energy is all about keeping your life new and exciting. If you move around too much, Uranus slows you down. If you sit too much, Uranus causes reasons for you to run around. When you're approximately forty, Uranus is half way around the zodiac from where it was the day you were born and to keep things nice and fresh, it brings on the Mid-Life Crisis in anyone who hasn't kept things new and fresh and exciting all by themselves. It's the energy of genius, excitement, out-of-the-blue stuff, upsets, revolution, eccentricity, and craziness.

If you've recently come down with a cold that won't leave, I'll wager that you are the kind of person who is always working, rarely sick, certainly not this sick, to the point where you can't do much of anything. Well, thank Uranus, unless you have the gastrointestinal version of this manifestation (pun intended!) The worst part of this has been the last ten days or so when Uranus slowed to a standstill and has now gone direct. Let's hope we workaholics can now shake these damn colds!

Of course, not everyone who got sick is a workaholic and not all workaholics got sick; some people just went crazy. I had a friend who used to say "Correct me if I'm right..." before expressing his opinion and it would usually pass right over the head of the person he was opining to and they would, indeed, argue with and correct him. This expression should replace "What's on your mind?" as the grayed-out guardian of our Post boxes here on Facebook because people are correcting and arguing with people over, well, basically, over nothing.

You can do a lot of arguing about nothing, apparently. People will unfriend people because those former friends turned out to be people, not mirrors of the unfrienders. I heard that comedian Steve Martin got flamed by a writer from NY Magazine for expressing his experience with the late Carrie Fisher, whom he knew, personally! I mean, he KNEW her! I wouldn't want someone judging my expression of anything that way, let alone my grief at the loss of a personal friend. And both sides have lots of supporters who, with everything else that's wrong in this world, throw shade at each other.

So, correct me if I'm right but Uranus moving direct is going to be like the breaking up of a log jam on a river, messy, noisy, dangerous, but ultimately the river will soon be running and the logs moving downstream again. Uh, oh, I said the "L" word, logs, or lumber. Why must the trees be cut down. Actually, I love trees and agonized about cutting a couple down that threatened to fall on our home. And hemp could replace so many uses for dead trees, right Anna Broesche?

So don't flame me for that or some other things I have inadvertently said or not said tonight or any night. I wonder if you could even still title a movie "Little Big Man," even though that was Dustin Hoffman's character's tribal name and the movie came from a book of the same name? Don't flame me, bro, I would consider that crazy and I have a problem with crazy, always have, because my mother was crazy, mentally ill, of course, but to a seven year old boy, crazy is crazy. When people start doing unkind, uncivilized, unfriendly things, that's crazy to me. Life is too short to box with Uranus.

But, hey! Go crazy!! Share this post, Like this post, Comment on this post! Let's have fun and show Uranus how it's done!!!!

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