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Is It Safe To Come Out Into 2017 Yet? edition

Those of you who come here to read my Astro Weather Reports and Alerts are all too aware that since 2016 started I have been banging on about what a difficult astro energy matrix this year was bringing, the most difficult that I've seen in my lifetime as an astrologer.

On the Macro level, I've said 2016 has been the death rattle (I hope) or the clinging fart of the horror of the Dark Ages born and bred in the last 2000 years or so of the Age of Pisces, and it's the astro problem children heavenly bodies passing through the Sign of Pisces in the sky this year that has led me to make these pronouncements of difficulties and sorrows on the Micro, human level, unfortunately all too often born out in our daily lives this past and passing year. We lost a dear friend suddenly and catastrophically tearing a hole in our lives, as did so many, in addition to the veritable battalion of beloved people, famous and not, who have shuffled off this mortal coil this fucked up year.

Of course, lots of great things happened this year, too, and I don't want to forget that, though it's easy to do so when the celebrity news morphs from "Did you hear who's into who?" into "Did you hear who died today?"

But, is it safe to come out into 2017 yet, I hear you saying? Well, as a matter of fact, I think it is! On the 29th of December, the planet Uranus will stop appearing retrograde in its motion and will turn direct. Ah, Uranus, you funster, punster, all-around-barrel-of-laughs. I love how you do your darnedest to help us have a good time by bringing newness to all of us if/when we let our lives and relationships and work situations get too stale and unchallenging by blowing the shit out of everything in the worst way at the worst time like a giant planetary two year old having fun watching us run screaming. OK, It's not that bad, but I have fun writing, partially to propitiate the planet Uranus, ruler of my Sun Sign Aquarius, so he (definitely a he!) will leave me the fuck alone.

Right now Uranus is stationary and babies born around today and tomorrow have the astro energy matrix that can incline them to being geniuses, like my genius artist wife, Amy Zerner, born on an Uranus station, or eccentrics or very very eccentric wild and crazy people. For those of us going about our lives, it can cause us to stop feeling like we're moving in reverse, that everything we're doing to improve our lives isn't working or that we just can't get things into second gear from a first gear that we've been grinding since we learned how to drive. Too much car metaphor? Talk to Uranus. Couldn't resist.

So get ready for things to start moving ahead apace (not like an Apache, Google it). Christmas and Hannukah and other Winter Solstice oriented holy day holidays may not have felt like they traditionally do this year, 2016 (ptew!), but New Years is DEFINITELY going to feel like New Years this year. 2017, you are as welcome as Springtime!

Share, care, Like, psyche, lots of people need to know that 2017 is not going to suck like 2016. It will probably suck differently, but at least not like 2016. Hey, all my free readings come with money back guarantees!!!

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