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Here Comes Their 19th Nervous Breakdown edition

OK, I'll give it to you short and sweet, since I have already done one inquiring polling post today. Today, Tuesday December 27, 2016, avoid depression and depressing people as much as you can. Yes, I know, there is genuine sadness in the world and lots of people have very good reasons to be depressed. My point is that today is not the day for you to try to act like Super Shrink or Mother Theresa, unless you happen to be a super shrink, psychologist, mental health professional, or on your way to actual Pope endorsed sainthood.

It's a case of Put Your Mask On First Before Attempting To Put The Mask On The Person Next To You. On a day with astro weather like today, you'll put the mask on and start trying to help a depressed person before the flow of oxygen/positivity has started empowering you. Most of us will barely be able to help ourselves today in terms of avoiding depression, so helping another person in the same water-logged life raft before it is bailed out is out of the question.


This one is a Sharer, so Share it. I'm amazed at how many people don't Share or even Like my posts, even though I ask nicely. Don't depress me!! Just kidding. Or am I? ;-) And book a reading, don't you think you deserve the very best info?

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