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Astrology doesn't "cause" anything

Astrological aspects don't "cause" people to act the way they choose to act. Think of it this way: We are each individuals and we have astrology charts, which can be seen as a hologram snapshot of the moment of our birth. So what? I'll tell you so what.

We are more than our charts, we are, in a sense, "divine," in that those of us who are able to take care of ourselves without assistance can choose to either accept or reject our thoughts and emotions. The position of the planets in the sky exerts energetic influence, for our development as caring people or for our watching out for ourselves at the expense of others. Each minute we get to choose which side of the good/evil debate we want to be on.

When you have exact, powerful angles/angels made by the planets they will act upon all of us but who we are, how strong we are, what choices we have made, what we believe to be true, and what we believe we should be doing with our actions is what determines who will succumb to allowing themselves to cause pain in others who don't deserve to be treated so, Also Known As EVIL, it does exist and it's people who enable it. I don't know of a single animal that seeks revenge, other than cats who throw up when you go on vacation or otherwise are not there when they need what they need.

I cannot and, if I could, I would not predict who is going to do what to whom and when. I don't think it's possible. But, as I posted the other day, Neptune in Pisces and a host of other things astrological have made this year, 2016, the most difficult year to be a human being that I have seen in my 66 years. As I also posted the other day, Astro-Weather Alert Early Warning Edition (below), this is one of those big time stress times.

I don't usually post about current events, I'm more interested in helping individuals empower themselves to DEAL with current events, but I think that the level of disturbed thinking I'm seeing warrants this post and I hope you agree. If you don't, why have you read this far!?

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