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Astro Weather Report: Making Sense of Nonsense

The regular weather report can be so inaccurate that I've considered changing the heading for my astrology posts. I decided, however, that everyone makes mistakes, including me, of course, so I'll stick with what you and I are used to.

Yesterday, one of the low points in the USA's presidential race to the bottom, the Sun was EXACTLY square to the planet Pluto, think the Light Bringing Sun was crossed and tested by the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, symbol of our super conscious mind, power, sex, death, resurrection and, wait for it, the Plutocracy, the Powerful string-pullers who want to rule others so that they, themselves, don't have to work for a living like a normal person - they want to be gods on Earth and their hubris is breathtaking.

So if you, too, found yourself in a power struggle with the forces of darkness yesterday, Friday, then be on the lookout for more of the same today, Saturday, October 8, 2016. Why, you might ask, since it was exact yesterday? You're getting good and I'm glad you asked! (if you did!!!)

My decades of experience reading in real life for real people (OK, often for real people over the phone and via Skype!) have shown me that aspects (angles) between Pluto and any other planet, including the Sun and Moon, often are most potent AFTER the angle has become exact! Pluto is, after all, the one who decided who went to heaven and who went to that concept of hell (which I don't believe in but hell might be more days watching the news readers - can't call them journalists - dumpster dive for horse apples). Maybe Pluto likes to drag out "decisions" the way this election and the candidates seems to have dragged on past the sell-by date?

Do not, however, despair, nor let yourself be fooled or distracted from what is important or otherwise pushed around by the losers who have lost the plot and refuse to focus on what is important and what is impotent, in terms of your life, not theirs. Do not be distracted from what helps you make your base secure, what enables you to be on the side of logic, what helps you deal with what you see with your eyes. Magicians trick us by diverting our attention, getting us lost in our emotions, in our fears, in our prejudices and, especially, in our assumptions. So, with the Sun squaring Pluto, assume nothing.

Now the Sun squares Pluto twice a year BUT what is going on now is amplified by the planet Mars, the warlike planet who did a lot of sending to heaven and hell by virtue of his use of the sword. Mars is coming up to join Pluto on the same degree of Capricorn around the 18th of October and when that happens, watch out! That is when the power players will be making their power plays. Or it might be a couple of days later when their grabby hands are revealed to be in y/our cookie jar. These are the times that try wo/men's souls so keep the faith in you and those you care about and those you trust. And I hope that is a small group.

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