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Understanding Astrology with Monte Farber

Sponsored by SOULTOPIA

This is a 12 series recording of Zoom lessons, each 90 minutes. You will need to provide your exact time, date and place of birth so you can follow along with your natal chart. 

Each course is $350 but combined price is $600

About this Course

Would you like to be able to learn the basics of astrology so that you can decode your natal chart and be able to read charts for others? An astrology chart done for day, place and time of your birth can give you real, profoundly useful and vital information. Your natal astrology chart, the map of how the planets lined up around your personal nativity, symbolize the many individual aspects of your personality, skills, fears, and potential for greatness, as you define it. How do you become great? By facing the totality of your being, all these many aspects, and somehow figuring out how to make it work on a daily basis. I show you your chart and show you how to Make It Work! Being able to read your chart helps you put the steering wheel in your wheelhouse so you can direct the action and not just drift with the currents. 

Level One

Planets, Signs, and Houses

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Natal aspects are based on the positions of the planets in your birth chart. Aspects are relationships, measured in degrees, between two planets in your birth chart. An aspect can also take place between a planet and a special angle or point in your chart. Understanding aspects in your chart gives you insight into the dynamic energies that are playing out in your life. Astrological transits are used to forecast the future. As the planets move, they form angles to each other. A transit has an influence in a person’s birth chart during the entire time that it’s transiting, but it also has a point at which it becomes “exact.” Monte will share his knowledge about these seemingly complex concepts and explain in-depth how to interpret aspects and teach how a transit will influence you or a chart you are reading. He will also share his secrets for the astrology of relationships, looking at how the chemistry of two charts work together.

Level Two

Aspects, Transits and Relationships
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