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Wish Upon A Star: Cosmic Fortune-Telling Kit



Make a wish! When you close your eyes, ask a question and reach into your magical bag of stars in the "Wish Upon a Star: Cosmic Fortune-Telling Kit", you will unlock your inner wisdom. This starry amulet system encourages one to open to challenges, bring good fortune, financial increase, an awareness of new possibilities and rewards through effort and intention. Use as a meditation / affirmation each day, or when you need a quick guide.

The velvet bag is filled with stars, each star has a number from 1 - 22. Shake the bag, make a wish, and pull out one star. Then compare the number on the star to you wish with a corresponding answer in the accompanying booklet. The answer tells them if they are going to get their wish and, if so, how. If they are not going to get their wish, the text advises them how to change their luck.

Contains: 22 Etched Resin Stars, Embroidered velvet drawstring bag plus 36 page book.



This product is for entertainment purposes only.

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