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Truth Fairy: Enchanted Pendulum and Message Board Kit



The Truth Fairy Pendulm Kit is an enchanted book/tool that can be used to bridge the gap between the analytical and intuitive sides of our being. Fairies help us to use our intuition more, and the pictures, words and pendulum necklace contained in this set enable us to tune into the right course of action to take. It helps us to find the right direction and contact our fairy guides.


This is a beautifully designed kit that includes a 48 page softcover four color book and a pendulum fairy sculpture on a chain---all in a box. Included in the book are 12 Life Lessons from the Truth Fairy.


In the words of the authors: "This kit is designed to inspire our vision of The Enchanted World and help us to learn and understand what is true in Mother Nature's kingdom. The fairies can help us become what we were truly meant to be, if we listen to their messages. 

Softcover: 48 pages
Publisher: Enchanted World



This product is for entertainment purposes only.