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"Trust Your Intuition" Dog Tag
We've all been given the great gift of Intuition - that small, quiet voice inside of us that knows the right answers and is trying to tell them to us, if we'd only trust it. Since ancient times the wisest among us have known that true power and wisdom come from within. They say your Higher Self is the part of you that knows you better than anyone else knows your strengths and your weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, and your past, present, and future, too! It's where your gift of Intuition comes from. The Moon symbolizes intuitive, deep, subtle, feminine and psychic energies. 

Available in silver or 14K gold plate over bronze.

Description: Trust Your Intuition Dog tag pendant
Dimension: 1” (2.6 cm) W x 1 5/8” (4.2 cm) H
Weight: 22 g.
Metal: Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Plate over Bronze 
White Cubic Zirconia, Bead Ball Silver 
Chain# 2.0 mm, Lobster Lock #02(LC02) 20”

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