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Our Zerner-Farber Tarot is a palm-sized deck that comes with a beautiful 240-page guidebook by Monte Farber. The 78 cards are illustrated with Amy Zerner's fabric collage tapestries. 

There is something here for everyone who already knows how to read tarot cards or wants to learn how. Working with the tarot is a form of do-it-yourself analysis - a way of unlocking secrets of the self and providing directions towards manifesting your goals. 

Whether you don’t know how to read the cards yet or are an expert reader who wants to add some new ways of looking at the cards to your skill set, the Zerner/Farber Tarot can provide many hours of inspiration and insight. 

We offer a “Quick Read” for each card, if you are in a hurry, “Key Words” that trigger intuitive associations, plus the “Secret” of each card that sums up what you need to know right now. 

We also provide a longer interpretation of each card, both upright and reversed, so that you can go deeper into the card’s archetypal meanings and universal lessons.

The Zerner/Farber Tarot Guidebook also contains twelve Master Spreads – specific diagrams of how to spread out anywhere from three to thirteen cards to obtain more detailed guidance about particular types of questions.