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The Dream Quilt



A masterpiece by award-winning collage artist Amy Zerner and written by her mother, Jessie Spicer Zerner, the Dream Quilt is a children's book that displays stunning work sure to inspire the creativity in anyone.


This mother-and-daughter team have produced a beautiful, old-fashioned storybook that is just right for a child's bedtime reading or gift giving. A somewhat apprehensive Alex travels to his aunt's house near the sea for his first, long, away-from-home visit. Wrapped up each night in his great-great grandfather's patchwork quilt, Alex dreams an adventure related to the patchwork piece he notices right before he falls asleep. Together with Daisey the cat, he meets a talking dragon, saves a beautiful princess, finds Father Neptune's trident, and has several other not-too-scary adventures before his week ends and he returns home.


This is not a picture book in the usual sense. The intricate illustrations are reproduced from fragments of an actual quilted fabric collage Amy created, a precious addition to anyone's bookshelf.


96 pages; 8.8" X 11.2"


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