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Strength Scarf



"Strength" is a silky soft modal wrap/scarf, made with Amy's ORIGINAL ART from THE ENCHANTED TAROT. For lovers of cats, tarot and mystical visions... This lightweight scarf is made of a beautiful, luxurious fabric that will add a bold, creative statement to any wardrobe. 


Modal is a soft botanic fabric made out of European beechwood. Because of modal's botanic origin, it is particularly eco-friendly and its fineness is comparable to that of natural silk.


Wrap it around your shoulders or your neck with dresses, jeans, tees and tunics feel the gentle strength, love and protection of the artwork's symbolism.  


30" x 86"


Made to order, so allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


About the Strength card, by Monte Farber:


A  beautiful young princess has entered through a leafy portal into the garden she played in as a child. Nature has held sway and now the untended garden is overgrown. Its weeds and flowers are still beautiful, however, and she gathers both to make a harmonious bouquet. She suddenly encounters a great lioness whose paw has been caught by the tangled thorns of a rose bush. She frees the lioness and guides her with gentle control until the beast lies prostrate at her feet. The princess knows that "the beast knows your heart's thought." 


She has tamed the animal's wild nature with her spiritual touch. She had no need of physical strength; with love she has conquered. The crown on the lioness signifies that she is Queen of Beasts, and this brave young princess is now Queen of Strength, with the sign for "infinity" crowning her highest energy center. By conquering the natural fears of her own bestial nature she has harnessed the infinite power of her spirit. 


The opposites of spirituality and carnality can be consciously brought into balance with courage and perseverance. In the face of fear, act with calmness and love and you will gain the true strength of an integrated body and spirit. Force is not a match for spiritual strength. Through gentleness you will accomplish what force cannot.