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An international anthology of nine folktales by Amy Zerner & Jessie Spicer Zerner includes the Middle Eastern tale of "Scheherazade's Cat," a native American story about a child's adventures with a mythical bear clan, the Chinese Buddha legend, and others from Africa, India, Peru, Hawaii, and Egypt.  


Strong heroines appear throughout. Each fable is illustrated with an intriguing, tapestry-and-collage vignette whose colors and motifs reflect the appropriate culture. A border with the same motifs decorates each page.


From Publishers Weekly:

These nine skillfully rendered tales are none the worse for their New Age mindset. The Zerners, a mother and daughter team, bring sensitivity without sanctimony to their storytelling.

"The Turquoise Sandals," a flavorful Egyptian story which the authors claim to be a model for Cinderella puts its European cousin to sexist shame; its heroine is a reader who prefers freedom to adoration, and her beauty is "only the outer reflection of her even more beautiful inner qualities."

A Native American yarn, "Sister Bear," celebrates the wisdom and special powers of a girl who eschews "the traditional paths."  Each entry is bordered in a different intricate and rich tapestry border, and illustrated by a single full-page collage painting, exotic in texture and multi-ethnic in imagery. All ages. 


115 pages