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Quantum Affirmations: The New Energy Science of Conscious Manifestation



When life lets us down, there’s one simple reason—it’s all in our heads. We are what we affirm, and our negative affirmations are working. Every time you say, “That’ll never happen . . .” or “I couldn’t possibly . . . ,” you’re creating a reality in which it won’t happen and you can’t possibly.

It’s time to change the channel—and take a quantum leap into the future you know is waiting for you. Best-selling author Monte Farber has researched scientific principles that support the fact that affirmations work. In this new book, he’s applied those principles to formulate a simple fivefold technique for creating the future you want to live in.

Quantum Affirmations is an all-inclusive, integrative approach to life and the manifesting of love, happiness, prosperity, and success. Farber teaches you how to visualize your future—he shows you how to live the future you desire by entangling your goal with what you’re good at now and by employing quantumplation—a simple and fun technique.



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