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Maya Kimono



In India, the Hindus use “maya" as the word for "illusion."  By this, they mean the illusion of the separateness of things when we are in fact all joined at the level of energy, or, if you prefer, at the level of the Great Spirit, All-There-Is.  Illusion is most often associated with our gift of vision, but the two, unblinking eyes staring out at us from atop the two pillars of this piece help to see through what is not true.


A wonderfully luxurious kimono is a wardrobe must-have for everyone. Amy's Kimono Robe is handmade and adorned with her signature artistry.  Flowy and flattering poly chiffon fabric falls gently at mid thigh. Great for layering. Made-to-order in XXS-4XL Sizes. Allow a few weeks for delivery.