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Lucky Elephant Necklace
The elephant is the symbol of wisdom, strength, fertility and intelligence in many cultures, including Chinese, Indian and African. It is a respected animal of insight, cherished by many. In both a mythical and religious role, the Elephant is seen as a mark of magnificence, able to be worshipped and honored. It is an auspicious omen, providing protection for the beholder. Make a wish when rubbing its trunk. 

The Feng Shui elephant is also known as a grantor of wishes.The Elephant itself is considered good luck regardless of trunk being up or down. Some say that 'up' stores good luck and 'down' dispenses good luck to others.

Style # ZNC341 
Sterling silver over bronze with black & gray cubic zirconia crystals
22" cable chain w/ lobster lock



Jewelry Care

Remember Do not expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals or abrasives or acid such as perfume, household chemicals and hairspray as this could cause discoloration. 

Also avoid getting jewelry too wet as this may cause tarnish, so pat dry if wet. Body oils and other elements can also cause tarnish, so occasionally clean your jewelry lightly with a soft polishing cloth. 

Do not use cleaning products on gemstone or pave pieces. 

Recommended Storage

All jewelry is best stored separately to avoid breakage and getting tangled. 

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