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Lakshmi Earrings: Goddess of Wisdom
She desires to nourish all with knowledge gained by seeing the universe as it really is. 

Affirmation: "I use my wisdom to devise ways to learn more about myself and my world for I can afford to be generous with the gift of my attention." 

Amethyst gives the ability to recognize and speak the truth.

Metal: Silver 
Weight: 7.3 gm 
Length: 1.78" 
Width: 1.36" 
Height: 0.17"


Jewelry Care

Remember Do not expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals or abrasives or acid such as perfume, household chemicals and hairspray as this could cause discoloration. 

Also avoid getting jewelry too wet as this may cause tarnish, so pat dry if wet. Body oils and other elements can also cause tarnish, so occasionally clean your jewelry lightly with a soft polishing cloth. 

Do not use cleaning products on gemstone or pave pieces. 

Recommended Storage

All jewelry is best stored separately to avoid breakage and getting tangled.