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The creative team of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber have redesigned an ancient method of obtaining spiritual power and guidance, making it quick and easy for 21st-century seekers of knowledge.


With this uniquely interactive oracle system, anyone can receive the wisdom of the Goddesses and reach their own full potential as a strong, successful, and prosperous individual.


 The exquisitely designed kit contains a wire-o bound book with 12 mix-and-match Goddesses in Amy Zerner’s NEA award-winning fabric-collage tapestry style, a 60-page instructional guidebook with timeless advice, and three color-coded, 12-sided oracle dice.


Cast the dice as you ask your question, and the Goddess of your own creation answers you, with close to 2,000 possible combinations. From Aphrodite for love and Lakshmi for wealth to Eurzulie for intuition, the goddesses come from throughout the world’s rich herstory.



This product is for entertainment purposes only.

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