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Contribution to the documentary "AMY & MONTE: A Legacy of Love & Creativity"



We invite you to join us in the creation of our documentary Amy & Monte: A Legacy of Love and Creativity so we can share with you the always magical and crazy adventures we have experienced together, from our meeting at the filming of a porno movie in 1974 right up to the filming of this documentary in 2023.


Our film is the flowering of our many creative accomplishments and the message we want to send to a world that could really use a jolt of real love, light, and laughter. We want to share our legacy of love with you and future generations.

Here's How You Can Support Our Documentary:

This documentary-in-the-making has been such a fun experience for all involved so far. We are so eager to continue the process of production with you! This is a place we love to be! We continue to raise funding to and would love to have you onboard! 

For this $100 contribution you receive:

Little Reminders: 36 Oracle Cards About Love & Relationships and 12 Zodiac Greeting Cards with envelopes (a $36 value plus shipping!) PLUS a digital download of the film when completed!

About these rewards: Little Reminders: About Love and Relationships is your personal, beautifully illustrated and portable oracle with art by Amy and words by Monte, dedicated to understanding love and spiritual relationships. By consulting these cards, you can receive answers to your questions about bringing true love into your life and keeping it.

It has been our life's mission to share what we have learned and what has helped us enjoy a legendary marriage spent living and working together every day as true soul mates.

The 12 Zodiac Greeting Cards  are Amy’s art along with Monte’s text about each sun sign.


See our sizzle reel for AMY & MONTE: A Legacy of Love & Creativity