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Buddha Necklace
Show your spirit and your style with this detailed Buddha pendant. Adding this Buddha pendant to one's ensemble lends a relaxed and graceful ease to one's appearance, as well as showing an interest in culture and history. 

The stunning and simple beauty of this piece has been found to bring a peaceful, centered and at-ease mood. While a fashionable and popular look, the Buddha pendant is more than just an accessory. The look of Buddha's wise and calm meditative face can remind the wearer to look upon life through an open mind and enjoy the journey. This simple reminder is often helpful when one is facing a stressful day, and can serve well in facing challenges with a positive attitude. 

Engraved on the back of this piece is this quote "What we think, we become." - Buddha

Product Name: Buddha Necklace 
Description: 2-tone sculptured pendant on black chain 
Dimension: 1" W x 1.5" H 
Metal: 14K Gold & Silver Plate over Bronze Clasp Lock