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Astrology Reading



Monte has been studying the stars for over 40 years, and that not only means he is a master astrologer and knows how to read people, but also what advice to give you to navigate the energy shifts. Reading the stars is an ancient practice that has helped many to understand the past, present and the future.


Understanding the unique personality portrait you were born with (called a natal chart), and reading how that energy is being expanded or contracted upon (called a transit chart, or a progressed chart for long-term energetic effects) really helps to clarify and to put some light on the particular issues we are dealing with, why we see things a certain way, and even what we can do to improve our situation.


If you think you would like to learn more about your unique astrological signature, Monte can help you in areas like:

  • Attracting the right romantic partner for you

  • Your life's purpose

  • Hidden passions and tendencies

  • Your personal identity, gifts and value to your community and personal relationships

  • Self-acceptance

  • What's coming next in life

  • Family karmic history

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