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Art Couture



"As an artist, I believe that wearable art is one of the most accessible mediums because many people can see my designs and creations whenever my collectors wear them. Each garment becomes a moving sculpture, and the person wearing it becomes part of the art." - Amy Zerner


The intricate tapestry art panels that are the centerpieces of Amy's Spiritual Couture fashions are collages assembled from many precious and unusual textiles, ribbons and trims; hand-painting; beading; rare appliqués; and vintage images.


Each art jacket is unique; birds, animals, dream metaphors, mythological beings, and universal symbols are sewn harmoniously together creating lush, layered landscapes that suggest the many complexities of life and nature. 


Amy's Art Couture designs  are jeweled, detailed, encrusted with patchworks, embroidery details and magical touches... she often mixes cultures together—for instance, the back of the jacket may have a panel of Japanese fabric mixed with a little gold thread embroidery from India.


Here are some examples. Amy will create special commissions for clients who desire the most luxurious of designer fashion experiences. Some customers fall in love with a specific piece in one of her collections, while others select a favorite silhouette, style, and story.



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