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The art of meditation - the relaxed concentration technique that can energize and renew your mind, body and spirit - is one of the most powerful lessons ever learned from the pure, natural ways of our animal teachers. Combining both of these ancient practices, the ANIMAL POWERS MEDITATION KIT contains all you need to perform twelve rituals of empowerment that are easy-to-use, enjoyable and highly effective in helping you to achieve your goals. 

Each of its twelve Totem Teachers want to share their special gifts with you: Choose CAT to strengthen your self-confidence, BISON to manifest prosperity, RABBIT to increase your opportunities, TURTLE to help you protect yourself and those you love, DOLPHIN to inspire you with fun and creativity, HORSE to lighten your burdens, DOVE to have peace and love, SNAKE to increase passion, BUTTERFLY to help you free yourself from any limitations, OWL for truth, wisdom and understanding, DOG to bring faith, loyalty and friendship and LIZARD to guide you through changes of every kind.

Monte’s 12 inspiring guided meditations on the included CD cause you to absorb each animals gifts, especially when listened to as you view Amy’s beautiful animal portrait on the 12 Contemplation Cards. 



  • 48 page full-color Guidebook with instructions 
  • CD of 12 Animal Power Meditations with original music
  • 12 Animal Contemplation Cards with easel stand



This product is for entertainment purposes only.

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