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respect has to be earned

Continuing my exploration of possible manifestations of the currently under way conjunction (on or close to the same degree of the zodiac) of the planets Saturn (discipline, structure, the bones of things) and Pluto (profound change, power struggles, endings) in the sign of Capricorn (serious awareness of reality, respect, career). Like all of you I worry that everyone is going crazy but then I realize that that is because we are all inundated with too much to do in too little time with too many "labor saving" devices clamoring for too much individual attention. Living is a full time job in the best of times but today we're all working overtime just to feel the slightest bit secure. This seems to me to be the planet Pluto's compulsive influence in a sign, Capricorn, that wants to do things "the right way" so as to "succeed" and not "fail." As if Saturn needs Plutonian compulsiveness to want to get the job done right and "succeed!” The crazy-making energy of this transformative time is the dichotomy of trying to maintain some level of control when the information technology is both, itself, out of control and using its inhuman ability to force-feed us too much information that is easily perceived as being irrefutable proof that things are out of control. There is a book called THE CONTROL FACTOR that talks about how we can't live in a horror movie whose end time we don't know and we will do all kinds of mental gyrations to comfort ourselves with the notion that if only we could just get __________ to happen, then everything would be under control and we could feel good again. Pluto is all about control and Capricorn is all about respect but how can you control how people respect you or respect anyone else, especially in a nation founded on the bedrock principle of Free Speech and that includes what many people consider hate speech - you don't need constitutional protection of speech everyone agrees with, you need to protect the outliers and even the outright liars, putting the respect on We The People, that we can sort the wheat from the bullshit. I am pretty sure I can because I even examine my own speech to see if I am being true to myself and what I believe and I'm willing to extend that respect to everyone unless and until they prove that they're not being rational. Growing up with a mentally ill mother made me very sensitive to irrationality and I see so much of it nowadays. There was a musical group called "The Fugs" and they had a song called "Kill for Peace" and its irrationality was understood as showing the futility of an unjust war, part of the Baby Boomers' movement to stop the Viet Nam War, respect. But now people are sort of taking that literally and acting violent to stop people from being violent, as if our mothers' admonishment of "Two wrongs don't make a right," has somehow stopped being true (it hasn't). It is my hope that the coming paradigm shift will see everyone living up to their highest potential. Saturn rules Capricorn and knows that respect has to be earned, authoritarianism is not true respect, and if things get to be out of whack, respect-wise, the next sign, Aquarius, the Sign of the Age we’re now living in, will come and foment a revolution to return respect to everyone. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, the sign associated with the Hightest and Lowest, the same organs that produce life also eliminate our bodies waste. One way to accomplish our high test potential is to be respectful to everyone as a basic Right. No one has the right to say horrible things about another person unless you're speaking to them directly or in a court of law and even then their are limits. The Control Factor is hard at work in our scared and increasingly scary populace. "If only we could ________, then things would be fine." I guess I'm doing it with this respect thing, but don't flame the messenger, I'm just telling you what the planets are saying. Peace out, more to come on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, depending on the reaction to this little truth nugget. Speaking of which, here's the link to our ENCHANTED TAROT app, if you don't have it on your phone, well, I hope you soon will.

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