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make your base secure

Profound Structural Change like that of the times of Kublai Khan, Charlemagne, Emperor Justinian & Monctezuma were extremely difficult to live through for the average person. Today, however, the average person has the accumulated wisdom and current theories of the world available to us on our smart phones and other computers. Although the big tech companies are acting like dictators afraid of dissenting voices and banning and shadow banning people with whom they disagree politically, there are still other ways to avail one's self of the full spectrum of the wisdom that is out there, the truth that is out there that resonates with you, and the other truths that resonate with each and every person, a different truth, usually, they're all out there! I'm not saying stop what you're doing and learn about investing and saving, making money from what you know, where to live, how to live, etc. I am saying that it behooves all of us to become aware of the fact that it is not our imagination that things are VERY different in our neighborhood today than they were ten years ago, and so it is a good idea to examine how we think they're going to be different next year and the year after, etc. So if you don't have enough money or a secure place to ride the storm of Profound Structural Change, like most people, do what's called in business your "Due Diligence," your homework, the necessary investigation into correcting what you come to see are deficiencies in your personal fortress. The first rule of classical warfare is "Make your base secure," and that is a lesson that seems to be lost on just about everyone these days. If that's too warlike for you, how about "Put you oxygen mask on first before assisting anyone around you." Same thing. Allow me to share with you a system that has changed my life for the better and the lives of others who have tried it. It's not a substitute for due diligence but combined with it you have super luck, a la that quote about luck that says the harder I work the more luck I have. My QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS TECHNIQUE WORKS and it uses scientific principles of Quantum Mechanics to treat consciousness as the smallest wave particle so that we use quantum physics principles to get ourselves firmly anchored in the probable future where we not only survive the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, we thrive! Don’t think that’s possible? You’re wrong. Lots of people got rich during the Great Depression and the last Recession/Depression we're still coming out of. Why not be one of the "lucky" ones? I have a free Facebook Group and you can buy the "home game," the book from us and get it autographed. One day, if I'm remembered for anything, it will be for being the great genius artist/designer Amy Zerner’s totally supportive loving husband and for this book, QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS!

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