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today's astro weather

To paraphrase pioneering physicist Neils Bohr's comment about Quantum Mechanics, "If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet," If you don't feel scared when you interact with the 21st Century Fear Delivery Machine, also known as "Media," you haven't understood it yet. I have come to the conclusion that far to many "journalists" and "writers" WANT us to to be scared! Some have noble motives, like scaring us straight, but they are assuming they have the right to scare straight people who might not need or want that kind of treatment when they're searching for information. At the other end of the spectrum are the sensation mongers, the progeny of PT Barnum who believe we're all suckers and so why not publish the most frightening click-bait stories to get "eyeballs" on the pages they own or work for. They are like the Telemarketers who plague us and should be eradicated like The Plague. Today, 4/4, as I write this the Moon is in Aries (you can't tell people with the Moon in Aries what to do, well, you can try but they won't listen.) The Moon is going to soon be exactly conjunct with the comet Chiron, so the Astro Weather Energy Matrix is that once-a-month up close and personal emotional feel-fest experience with our wounds, something we all experience. It could be a momentary feeling of being frightened like a child running back to touch their mother and then running away back into the play/fray. For us adults, it could be wanting to call someone we love just to hear their voice or trying to hear in our mind the voice of someone we have loved and lost. This Moon/Chiron in Aries conjunction is Sexytile to the planet Mars in Gemini, so people are already inclined to be giving voice to a response to their re-experiencing now whatever aggression they have suffered in the past and to actually take action of all kinds, whether it's being unnecessarily aggressive, rude, or even cruel, though at the other end of this spectrum is action taken to help those overly aggressive people to feel a bit better. It's not an easy day for anyone. I've been laughing lately whenever I hear or read "One day at a time." What else do we have? That's ALL we have, right? Anyway, there's something in astrology that I haven't every spoken to and that is MIDPOINTS and right at the Midpoint of the Mars/Chiron Aries conjunction Sexytile to Mars/Gemini, is the planet Uranus sitting like someone whose got sand in their crack. That makes it what we astrologers call "inconjunct" or "semi-sextile" to both of the other placements and it gives a radical, even more annoyed and annoying quality to today's astro weather. In my humble opinion, today is a great day to stay focused on how brave you are, how brave you have been, and how brave you have to be to be a person living in the 21st Century. Sure, our ancestors endured tremendous hardships, but they didn't have the hardships of a hundred other people added to their hardships, beamed into their brains by computers and phones and TVs and signage and a dozen other media fear machines. It's just like the ordinary working people that survived Mohammad Atta and his gang of Islamist Terrorists blowing up the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. These people had their worlds shattered and experienced and saw horrible things that most military people never see. Today and for the foreseeable future, each of us is going to have our brain exposed to things every that would fry the brain of the bravest Knight, Gladiator, or Spartan Warrior. We have to take a minute to stop and appreciate how strong and brave and cool and powerful we are just for being able to get through the day when we KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT LIFE AND DEATH.

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