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If you're wondering why you or someone you care about are more than a bit on edge now the Astro Weather Energy Matrix is super sensitive with the Sun coming into conjunction with Neptune in Neptune's home sign of Pisces in a few days. The positive expression of Sun conjunct Neptune is Awareness of Compassion but at the other end of the spectrum it can be confusion of purpose and idealization of ego, to name just a few meanings. Add to that the fact that Mercury is on the last degree of Pisces and one degree away from the comet Chiron, part of the matrix I wrote about yesterday where hidden problems in the financial sector of the world economy are being uncovered as we speak, though the result of these discoveries may not percolate up to the surface and become generally known and can be uncovered and can enter the general awareness for a while. I got a bit blindsided by how sensitive people can be with the current astro weather, though it was great for my psychic gift doing charts this week. I have such a positive feeling about Aries that I may have soft-peddled Chiron in Aries' ability to bring out the wounds in all of us. Although that business about Neptune and Uranus and the run up to the US Civil War is true and I’m watching it closely and I see some parallels, I am buzzing from doing many chart readings, something that I love to do. I post these essays in an effort to help people to the best of my ability.

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