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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make 2019 Amazing!

2019 MAY BE ONE OF THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE! ASTRO WEATHER ENERGY MATRIX IS PEDAL TO THE METAL, BALLS TO THE WALLS! NEW YEAR'S DAY CHART HAS FOUR PLANETS IN THEIR HOME (RULERSHIP) SIGNS! A BIG DEAL!! The planet Mars has just crossed over into the sign of ARIES, the sign it "rules." Aries and Mars were the two names for the same god of war, so you can see that a rulership sign is the sign where a planet is particularly at home and POWERFUL. Mars moves into its home sign a little less than every two years BUT Jupiter comes around to Sagittarius, where it is now, every twelve years, Saturn comes around to Capricorn, where it is now, every twenty-eight years and, wait for it (we sort of waited for all of them!) Neptune comes around to Pisces, where it is now, every 165 years!!!! See? I told you 2019 could be amazing! Add to that the fact that Mars and Venus will not be retrograde at all in 2019 and you have a year where the ball's in your court. The "stars" are on our side and will back us up when and if we do the work we know we have to do AND WE CAN DO IT! The Sun is about to EXACTLY conjunct the planet Saturn, that means a light is switched onto our duties, responsibilities, and goals AND WE CAN ACHIEVE THEM! I do hope you'll purchase ASTROLOGY AND WELLNESS so you can learn a completely new take on your Sun Sign and the wellness tips for each sign that we have evolved in our forty-four years together as astrologers, lovers and lovers of astrology! Astrology puts the "A" in awesome!! Hey, do you think me, Amy and our amazing publisher, Sterling Publishing, chose to publish ASTROLOGY FOR WELLNESS on January 1st, 2019, by accident!?!?!?! Now our book has the energy of this most auspicious day as its birth chart!!!! Hooray!

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