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SHHHHH! HEY YOU? If you want to know a secret, the next two days are for you. Dig in, dig it up, and don't give up until you know the truth about what you're trying to research and/or investigate. The astro weather energy matrix is INTENSE, four planets in Scorpio. Mercury JUST went into Scorpio and as it did so was joined by the Moon on the first degree of that sign. That kind of timing indicates that the revelations of the next two days are going to cause intense emotional reactions in everyone who learns of them. Best course of action with four planets in Scorpio is Shut-uppa-you-face! Stay stum, keep it to yourself. An air of mystery is sexy and so is Scorpio so that's another way to enjoy this period of time. Actually, when the Moon leaves Scorpio in a couple of days and enters Sag, having Mercury Venus and Jupiter all is Scorpio is still going to make for an intense and secretive time, though that Moon will incline everyone to spill the beans and go into people's faces if their emotional triggers are pulled. So now you know.

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