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TIME FOR SOME CRAZY OUT OF THE BLUE STUFF, SO READ THIS!: I have evolved my concept of astrology to be a symbolic psychological language.

In this symbolic language, the Sun represents our Ego, our purpose in live, what animates us and gives light and life to our being,

The Moon reflects this light and represents our ability to reflect emotionally, our emotional intelligence, our habits.

Mercury is our logical mind and practical skill set.

Venus is how we love, how we desire, how we attract.

Mars is the energy we possess to go out and make our mark, getting for the Sun and the other planets what they desire to be done.

Jupiter is how we grow and expand, how we deal with life when things are good.

Saturn is how we deal with limitations, structure, authority and just about the biggest authority, Time!

And Uranus? Well, Uranus is how we deal with the unusual, the out-of-the-blue and out-of-the-ordinary stuff that makes life both difficult and interesting.

Which brings us to this essay, based on the fact that the planet Uranus has gone retrograde in the sign of Taurus and will be there until December when it will dip back into the sign of Aries for a few months. Uranus will be retrograde until January 7th, 2019, and will be in Aries until March 7, 2019.

"So what?", I hear you say and I can understand why you say it. I used to not believe in astrology and I always write about it with respect for those who do not believe in it. Why should they when it is so often presented so poorly?

Those of you who read my astro-explorations regularly know that my take on retrograde motion planets has to do with our experiencing their energy as a sort of second-guessing, examination, reflective rather than reflexive application of the safety brake to the energy of that particular planet. Uranus, of course, is the exception! Why? Because Uranus "rules" exceptions to rules!

It's hard, to put it mildly, to second-guess something that is unexpected, out of the blue, especially when that something is not an event from the world but a mental or spiritual concept that rocks our world, for good or for...good.

Yes, Uranus, for all its destructive or, at the very least, disruptive energy is just like all the other planets, out their chugging along trying to help you to become yourself fully. So, to parody the old Monty Python sketch comedy routine about the Spanish Inquisition, No one expects the energies of Uranus. So it is that there seems to be an ever increasing and, to me, completely avoidable increase in the number of clashes between people who are simply trying to express themselves.

I am a bit concerned, however, that because Uranus is in Taurus, that symbolism is the planet of wacky revolutionary freedom loving eccentricity, is in the sign of Taurus, the sign that wants to show you how strong it is by enduring, by performing feats of strength, by following a plan to the letter. What could possibly go wrong?

It seems that the Ultimate Truth sought by spiritual seekers is now no longer the goal of supposedly smart people and now it is Ultimatum Truth, my truth or there’ll be trouble. So stupid and avoidable and counter-productive. The world needs love, not violence. My past lifetime as a successful Roman gladiator, growing up in 1950’s and 60’s Brooklyn, New York, and my time doing security in the film business taught me that.

I’m from the make love not war generation and if someone don’t like it, that’s their problem. I’ve spent my life evolving and have now evolved into a creative writer astrologer psychic tarot reader who has Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius, rules by Uranus - if that’s not Uranian, you haven’t been following the plot!

If you’ve read this far you deserve a reward: The best way I've found to deal with Uranus retrograde is to make sure that you know when you are performing a "role," like an actor, hence my making a play of words on Roll over & play dead to take advantage of this very strange meme. I almost tried to make “Because he can” the basis of this essay based on this meme (because I can!) But I digress, which is very Aquarian and Uranian.

Yep, "role over," play your life, play to live, to feel alive. If you can just become more aware of when you are stifling yourself, smothering your efforts to be you, the best you you can "you," as a verb, then you are living in the T'ao of Uranus Retrograde.

We will still have to deal with the craziness of life, which is what Uranus at its essence truly is all about, but if you can deal with it AND use the experience as life lessons for inner growth WHILE THE YOU KNOW WHAT IS HITTING THE FAN, then you can make use of the retrograde power to advance your self-knowledge and power and personal growth exponentially. You have eight months. Go!

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