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Am I talking to myself? Where does intuition come from, especially the info I get that proves to be correct about the personal experience of reality by myself and those I care about, which includes my clients and anyone I "read" for in any setting, Facebook included?

As I have written in my book, "Quantum Affirmations," quantum scientist witch doctors postulate that there are probable futures " implied" or logically expected to occur given our current state of being and what it has been before. I accepted their theory and worked with it from a self-help perspective, formulating my Quantum Affirmations technique that seeks to connect us to the probable future we want to be experiencing, if we are fortunate enough to actually have enough time on Earth to get there.

But back to my original question, am I getting info from The Future or from the probable future implied in this moment for me and my client? There is a difference of worlds beyond words between them.

I Have come to believe that in order to get the clearest info I need to be clear enough in my intention to the point where I am accurately contacting the Quantum Field, the ultimate ground of being, what the ancients called The Akashic Hall of Records, where the sum of all things possible resides. How can I be sure that I am in that zone? I can't be sure, I can only seek to ally myself with it and with a mind empty except for sincerity, respect and love, especially love.

In fact, I think what makes me who I am in all ways, including as an intuitive counselor, is that I know what love is the way I do. That is why after getting over the initial delightful shock of seeing a photo of me and Amy Zernerfollowing a photo of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, and preceding a photo of equally legendary lovers Elizabeth Taylor ( who owned 8 of Amy's couture jackets and a healing blanket Amy made for her, which worked!) and Richard Burton, in a sweet little montage (post below this one) of soulmates, I not only felt the rightness of our being included but also a bit of a finger wag at Liz and Dick for not making it work better, hubris, I know, but today's a day for honesty.

I also realized that I am as fearful of the future as anyone. Trying to heal myself led to meditation which devolved into contacting the future, or a future, and "it" asked if I would like to really see the/this future and I said yes, but immediately felt the fear well up in me, despite my decades of preparation for a moment like this, and fear is The Destroyer, especially of delicate gossamer visions of the/a future, but I prevailed and saw what I saw, which led to my initial The Future/A Future question and this report back to you. So, what do you think?

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