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It's 5777, do you know where the Annunaki are?

It's 5777, do you know where the Annunaki are? Me neither. But what I do know is that this number, 5777, represents the new Jewish New Year and - settle back children for a story best told by a blazing wood fire - it also represents the number of years since the visit to Earth by Anu, absolute ruler of the planet Nibiru (rhymes with "Hebrew" and is probably the origin of the word), the home planet of the Annunaki ("those who to Earth from Heaven came).

Now according to the Sumerian cuneiform writings translated by my late friend, Zecharia Sitchin, the planet Nibiru, which he called "The 12th Planet" in his ground-breaking book of the same name, orbits around the Earth once every 3,600 years or so, passing between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars and then heading back out into space.

Two times 3,600 is 7,200 years and so unless the Annunaki have figured out how to warp space/time, and they very well might have, Anu's visit must have occurred during one of those "close" flybys, the next one was in 161 BC, and we don't have to worry about Nibiru roaring through our solar system wreaking havoc. I don't know about you, but having one less thing to worry about these days is a gift IMHO.

So what's the connection between Nibiru, Anu, the Annunaki and the Hebrew people. Well, the Bible says that Abraham, the progenitor of the Jewish people, was "a priest of Ur." Ur was one of the first capitals of Sumeria, the oldest know civilization, called "Shumer" in the Bible, like the last name of Chuck, my useless hypocrite of a Senator from New York (whom I hope Wendy Long replaces - don't get me started!). So Abraham was a priest, which means he worked for the "gods of his fathers," the Annunaki lords of Earth who, because of their extraterrestrial birth, lived a very long time compared to humans and were literally the gods of humans' fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and as far back as you could go.

Zecharia, who was a linguistic scholar, told me that the origin of the word, "worship," was "to work for." In this sense, the Annunaki scientists created "The Adam" in their image to worship them, i.e., to work for them mining the gold found on Earth which they needed to suspend as gold dust in their home planet's atmosphere, produced by the volcanoes that warmed their planet, during the long journey into space and back.

One day it will be shown that Mars, the way station for the heavy lifters bringing gold there to be consolidated before shipment to Nibiru, had a semi-breathable atmosphere that was torn off it around 12,000 years ago when Nibiru's passage through the solar system brought it uncomfortably close to both Mars and Earth, causing the ice shelf covering the land mass of Antarctica to slide off into the oceans, which caused the Great Flood that is in the legends of indigenous peoples around the world. Google "Piri Reis Map" to see an accurate map of Antarctica's land mass from the 1600's, "impossible" because at that time it was covered again in ice. The map was probably copied from an ancient map thousands of years old.

I could go on and on recounting tales from the ancient times, the way they used to read the ancient Creation Myth during the Sumerian New Year's festival, which the Jewish New Year commemorates. In fact, the first twelve verses of the Bible are taken from the Sumerian Creation Myth. The Hebrew text of the Bible uses the plural for Gods, that's what got Zecharia started on his quest. Please accept this taste of his mind-expanding work as my tribute to him on the belated anniversary of his passing on October 9, 2010. Buy his books if you want to go on an adventure you will never forget. I will never forget him and his courage in the face of, well, you can imagine. Suffice it to say that he knew what it was like to face prejudice against his most strongly held beliefs and go on fighting until the end. Rest in peace, mighty warrior for truth.

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