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Discover The magic within

A healing oasis for mind, body, & spirit

Join us in our magical sanctuary, where healing art, oracles, fashion, astrology, tarot and our other spiritual power tools are waiting to awaken, ignite, and help you manifest your dreams.

Welcome to the enchanted world of amy zerner & monte farber

As trusted and celebrated by:

When artist Amy Zerner met author Monte Farber,
an enchanted relationship was formed

They are a bestselling husband and wife team whose expertise and inspiring approach to oracular wisdom is highly sought after.

Monte Farber is an internationally known self-help author, astrologer and intuitive counselor. He is the world's foremost designer of interactive personal guidance systems. Since 1988, nearly 3 million copies of his 40 best-selling books and oracle systems have been published in 18 languages.

Monte Farber

Amy Zerner is a multi-disciplinary artist and the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist's Fellowship Grant in the Category of Painting. She has sold her one-of-a-kind art couture jackets, coats and caftans at Bergdorf Goodman for 22 years, along with her unique jewelry designs.

Amy zerner

Discover our UNIque treasures that inspire, motivate, support and empower you to be the very best version of yourself.

Amy & Monte create beautiful books, oracles, art and adornment that celebrate unfettered self-expression and creativity.

Books & Tools




From AMMO ENTERTAINMENT: Described in the NYT as “The Martha Stewarts of the New Age”, Amy & Monte are also the “OG’s” of the tarot world and modern astrology. They have sold millions of books globally, plus Amy is an award-winning artist and fashion and jewelry designer! There is no shortage of amazing stories to tell. That’s why we just had to tell their story.

Amy & monte:
A legacy of
love & creativity



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Readings and consultations

Monte has counseled thousands of people over the years and loves to tune into what important messages, answers and gifts the spirits have for them. He can show you that there are seemingly magical aspects to each of our every day life, and how to identify and amplify them.

Fine art & Fashion

Bridging the gap between fine art and fine craft, Zerner's collage tapestries and art-to-wear have been shown in many gallery and museum shows. A review in the New York Times said, "Amy Zerner draws on the zodiac, tarot cards, Eastern deities, and classical mythology to create elaborate fabric collages that imply a fundamental unity of spiritual experience.

What People Say

“Monte and Amy share their own enchanted love, helping all of us to transform our fears and shadows into love and light. Their magic is both potent and practical.”

Marianne Williamson

Author of Return to Love

What People Say

“Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are role models for this new age. They offer their vast knowledge and multifaceted talents to inspire and enrich others—their vision is holistic and healing. This is art that can help you live your life.”

Audrey Flack

First woman artist to be included in Janson’s History of Art, subject of award-winning documentary "Queen of Hearts"

What People Say

“I love people that look at Life the way you both do.”

Louise Hay

Author of You Can Heal Your Life

What People Say

“There are lots of gifted artists and writers out there in the world, but few so creative as Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. The source of their inspiration is their love for each other, and that love causes them to produce wondrous works separately and together that make my jaw drop.”

Richard N. Bolles

Author of What Color Is Your Parachute?

What People Say

"Monte and Amy's work helps a lot of us remember that mystery and magic are food for the soul."

Christiane Northrup, MD

What People Say

“First there was the word—and the picture. Monte through language, Amy through art—interpret the lost wisdom of the ancients in extraordinary and miraculous new ways.”

Barbara Seaman

Author of Free and Female

What People Say

"Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are two very special souls on this planet. They assist all of us in reminding us of our true spiritual nature. They are the only two practitioners I have met who are able to bring the teaching of truth in ALL of their divinely led creations."

James Van Praagh

Author of Talking To Heaven

What People Say

“Amy and Monte have helped millions divine their way on their life paths.”

Colette Baron-Reid

Author and intuition expert

What People Say

“..always utterly amusing, erudite, insightful, tenderly compassionate and above all, artful.”

Michael Lutin


What People Say

“Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are emissaries of enchantment—their beautiful work reflects the magic in the world.”

Judith Orloff, MD

Author of Emotional Healing and Positive Energy

What People Say

“Amy Zerner’s art is truly a unique combination of inspiration, essence, beauty, spirituality, emotion, and enchantment. The luxurious colors, patterns, and textures transport you to another world!”

Christina Mossaides Strassfield

Director / Chief Curator of The Southampton Arts Center

What People Say

“Amy Zerner is a dream weaver, mixed with an artist, and at the core, a couturier. She possesses a remarkable blend of being a creator and understanding client desire. She is a masterful artist, taking her art to another level in making it wearable. Amy’s passion is evident in the way she engages, and in each stitch of her beautiful artwork. To have had a moment of entering the magical and spectacular world of Amy Zerner remains one of my fondest memories from my days at Bergdorf Goodman.”

Joanna M Dubin

President of Fendi Americas

What People Say

"All of my Amy Zerner pieces are simply divine! None of my words can adequately describe their beauty and uniqueness! It's as if they speak to your soul! They are definitely healing garments, every time I wear one it is an uplifting experience. Amy made me a special entrance coat to wear on stage and I must tell you...everytime I wear it the audience goes wild! I keep my back to the audience for about 5 minutes so that they can get a chance to take it all in. I def feel like a queen when I wear it! Her pieces give me a better understanding of how richly ornamented and special Joseph's coat of many colors (Genesis) had to be. They are all poetic works of art!"

Patti Labelle

What People Say

“When Amy Zerner arrived at Bergdorf Goodman 20 years ago, we had never had anyone like her in clothing, let alone in our custom couture. Very much like Schiaparelli in the fifties, Amy combined art, zodiac symbols, and ‘mod’ decoration to her beautifully designed jackets and caftans. Her work was very much needed to add to the store that was very classically minded. The benefit also was after work she would tell us all about our futures.”

Vicky Tiel

Couturier and Author of The Absolute Woman

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