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Winged Heart Ring



We all need the soaring, joyous spirit of a glittering Winged Heart, for without the compassionate love that it symbolize, we cannot truly succeed. Amy Zerner's Winged Heart Necklace symbolizes a love that has no limits. Sometimes we defeat ourselves with unkind thoughts about others or even ourselves. Like the Sages of old, keep in your heart and see in your mind's eye that all is as it should be and know that it is so. The practice of visualizing a Winged Heart will "wake you up" thinking positively whenever you "fall asleep" into negativity. This Winged heart also represents the wearer's joyous and free-spirited nature. Wings are mostly associated with angels. By wearing a sparkling heart with wings, you can attract and receive angel messages. Be a believer in love! Adjustable band. Two-toned ermeil. CZ Crystals