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A Dynamic Journey to Your Self and Beyond

Let the 78 Cards of the Tarot Be Your Guide…..The Tarot Discovery Kit is an inspiring, easily accessible meditation and divination tool designed to help you venture within and find the answers you seek. It contains all you need to benefit from The Tarot’s power to open your heart and mind to what is meaningful in the present moment.

The 78 tarot cards represent all of life’s issues. They are signposts and mirrors on the path of your life journey. Is there something along the way you wish to heal or understand? The guidebook and tarot deck show you how to choose the specific card for personal reflection to help you do that.

The DVD contains 78 unique animations created from artist Amy Zerner’s intricate fabric collages and professional narration using author Monte Farber’s inspiring words. Choose your card from the menu and watch it come to life and fill the screen in a fusion of color and design. Relax into your card’s meditation where original music and a soothing voice gently reveal insight into the life issue you’ve chosen and the world around you.

The Tarot Discovery Kit contains:

* animated presentations of the 78 tarot cards
* original music
* 140 minutes of guided meditation to enchant you
* The Tarot Discovery Movie Theater with five complete tarot vignettes

Your Vision Quest: Entering Sacred Space; The Grounding Ritual, What is The Tarot?; The Major Arcana; The Minor Arcana
* The popular and beautiful 78-card Zerner/Farber Tarot Deck in a special satin pouch
* A full-color, 60-page guidebook with each card’s meaning and meditation and tarot reading instructions
***An essential tool for beginner through advanced practitioners.***



This product is for entertainment purposes only.

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