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Little Reminders: Law of Attraction



Everyone needs a little reminder to help them attract more confidence, money, security and abundance in their life! It's those little things, but that are so important to be reminded of: to slow down, pay attention, open our hearts, and feel deserving to enjoy life to the full.

Designed to help you achieve the wealth you dream of, "Little Reminders" is a card deck with short messages by author Monte Farber about attracting prosperity and success, accompanied by beautiful artwork by his wife Amy Zerner. By simply choosing a card and reciting the specific message inwardly throughout the day, your powers for manifestation, for waking up, for appreciation, and more will be transformed. Everyday challenges will be turned into opportunities ."Little Reminders" will help you weave a meditative attunement and sensibility into daily life, no matter how hectic it might be, and affirm that big dreams can indeed come true

Contains: Boxed set of 36 oracle cards with 8-page gatefold guide