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Astrology can help us divine the future—but it also provides a perfect path to reclaim your personal power.


While wellness used to be confined to supplements, diets and workouts, these days the movement has expanded to embrace a more holistic vision of wellbeing, to include our emotional and spiritual health, not just our physical states.

Astrology for Wellness (Sterling Publishing, January 2019) by bestselling husband-and-wife team Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, is chock full of metaphysical fitness tips for each Sun Sign, with simple, enjoyable and perceptive guidance that empowers the reader to take important steps to become mindful of their personal astrological energy system.

The authors offer healing modalities that explore celestial pathways to wellness, including a treasure trove of customized remedies such as cell salts, teas and tonics, breathing affirmations, suggestions for good sleep, crystal contemplation, aromatherapy and more.

Amy and Monte provide all the information you’ll need to understand your special style and personality profile, to enhance mental clarity, improve physical fortitude, and gain spiritual insight. You’ll have fun identifying the cosmic influences, patterns, core issues and areas where self-care and preventative work needs to be done, while becoming more aware of your own unique path.


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