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the good that can come out of these dark times

Can anyone listen to the song, "Age of Aquarius" today without getting really angry? So far, this Age of Aquarius is like a combination of a Coney Island roller-coaster and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, it has come right to our front doors and taken us for a ride that is not very pleasant. But as a unicorns and rainbows pooping Baby Boomer, yet another class of humans I find myself in that is now suddenly OK to Hate (I'm a born Jewish, 70 year old white male psychic tarot-card reading astrologer, the trifecta of OK to Hate and I'm sure I'm in a few more OK to Hate classes), I actually and seriously believe that although the Paradigm Shift has hit the fan and sort of broken the fan, there is still some good, a lot of good, that can come out of these dark times. BUT WHAT? You might ask and you'd be right to ask. Well, for those of you who read my work on a regular basis you know that I've been predicting a paradigm shift of major proportions with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and now Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus are in the mix and I’ve been warning you to MAKE YOUR BASE SECURE's graduation, pure and simple. As it turns out, the future was not rushing up at us fast enough, the Aquarian/Leo polarity was leaving the dock too slowly, and so the planets gave The Future a push that came to be a shove and voila, planetary lockdown chrysalis with the potential to see us individually and as neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities and nations emerge in beauty from our confining isolation into beautiful butterflies. Hmmm. I have to add butterflies to my Boomer vowel movement. I’ve tried to explain the astrological “Ages” a few times and it really doesn’t matter if you get it or not for you to understand what I’m going on about tonight but I’ll try one more time, another characteristic of mine - I may sometimes feel inadequate but I don’t know how-ta-quit, get it?! For the last two thousand years humanity has been slogging, barely, through a very difficult time in the astrological Age cycle, called the Piscean Age by every astrologer but me and called the Piscean/Virgo polarity by me because that better describes this truly dark age. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good in the signs of Virgo and Pisces, I have Saturn in Virgo and my Moon is in Pisces, but as an Age this polarity sucked big time IMHO. The symbol of Pisces is the two fish, one swimming upstream and the other downstream because Pisces is mutable, changeable. Pisces as a sign contains the meaning of Universal One-ness, the All Is One beyond understanding that has to be taken on faith, Utopia and if it could only be brought to Earth…and there lies the rub. The symbol of the fish was the symbol of Christ’s early followers, the miracle of the loaves and fishes probably brought that about, and the Christ Consciousness, compassion, love for all, and service to all are the noble aspects of Pisces, Faith Hope and Charity to the max. The other end of the Pisces spectrum is rather than work on yourself and your reactions to the harshness of this world so you can make this one better, why not just dissolve your consciousness into alcohol, drugs and any self-destroying behavior you can imagine. It also rules psychic phenomena and universal consciousness, getting back to the spiritually deep end of the pool. So Pisces loses itself in self-less acts of compassion on one end of the spectrum and loses itself in self-destroying addictions on the other. Virgo is the opposite sign of the zodiac from Pisces and like the yin/yang symbol, they each contain a bit of the other in them. Virgo loses itself in the doing of service work and being good at eye-hand coordination and breaking challenges down to their smaller parts to be understood and dealt with and, most of all, being able to analyze problems.

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