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I know something about life and love

When an animal in the wild is sick or injured they go someplace where they feel safe and protected and they lay still and quiet as they can comfortably do so until they either feel better or die. I am well, thank you, and Amy is too, thankfully, but as someone who has for more years than I care to remember fulfilled my mission statement and written original content, often graced by my wife's spiritual artwork, content designed to help us all navigate our daily lives, I have metaphorically retreated to my safe cave and kept quiet in the hopes that my thought-filled silence and research into how the predicted Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn of Jan 12th, 2019, and the subsequent dancing of this pair and Jupiter and the aspects to the planet Uranus would manifest in our daily lives would lead me to some conclusions, some certainties, some useful words that I could share with you, dear reader, because I do so very much want to be of service and I've got the tools to do it. I have a profound understanding of astrology - I couldn't make it simple to understand if I didn't - and at the Frankenstein Virus prime danger zone age of 70 years on Earth, I know something about life and love. I've done good and I wish you all had what I have as my daily life. But like a philosopher with a toothache, my vaunted knowledge has not proven so far to be helpful to that stated purpose. The only things I am sure of as a result of being in quarantine since March 7th is 1) I really love spending as much time as possible with the love of my life, Amy Zerner, and 2) I really like peanut butter and could probably live on it if I had to. Useful info for me but for you? Not so much. So I've not written much of anything about the pandemic lately. I've been silent and I've watched in shocked amazement at some of the things I've seen people post. I know people are afraid and it hasn't been made easier by the fact that there are about a million different conflicting "facts" about this pandemic which has made so many of us into hermit monks in our Himalayan caves and so many others ready to take to the streets to prevent the eroding of our God/dess given rights enshrined in the fragile experiment aka the US Constitution and lots of people in between those polar opposite positions, but I was hopeful that the shared trouble would make people more compassionate to all people on all sides of all equations and that hasn't happened...yet! (My membership in the rainbow pooping Baby Boomer Magical Thinking society is secure!) I used this wonderful Grizzly Bear meme (Latin name, Ursus Horribilis!) because that is how I feel about writing words of advice of any direction, given the horrible reactions people display in social media to even the best intentioned words or articles posted by others. Sure, I'll help you Mr. Grizzly Bear, I'll just walk over there and read that sign for you and whoa!!!!!! No!!!! I'd rather lay still and allow what I finally consider to be ideas you might find useful to come into my consciousness. I know they're out there and they're starting to coalesce in my Aquarian Sun, Pisces Moon brain. Saturn is a degree away from my Sun so I'll ask it what I should be writing about for you tomorrow. I'm writing an astrology book for Quarto now and so I'm in the astro groove. Watch this space for space watching news you can use and I won't abuse my privileges with your faith in my abilities. Namastay-away-from-me!

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