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Uranus in Taurus

The internet is awash in people trying to tell you what Uranus in Taurus is going to produce in our lives. As usual, it runs the gamut from "the best time to be alive ever" all the way to "run for your lives!!” I have a lot of respect for you all and so I'm going to give you the meanings associated with the planet Uranus and sign Taurus and you can get a hint of how this New Normal is going to be coloring your world. The reason for the "Run for your life"-ers is because Uranus represents the energy in our psyche, in our soul, that wants our life to be a statement of our originality, new, exciting, fun, a bit crazy. It isn't crazy enough for Uranus that we live and then die, which is to me crazy and annoying to say the least. Uranus is concerned with NOW! If you or someone you know turned around 40 years of age and went crazy, left them a job in the City, the red sportscar, the younger paramour, the end of a marriage, job, reason, motorcycles, beach bum, that is what happens to people who have not allowed their lives to be a slow release of crazy and so it happens in an explosion when Uranus comes around the solar system and is 180 degrees, opposite to the place where it was on the day you were born. Uranus takes around 80 years to go around but because of retrograde motion, The Crisis of Middle Age (Uranus opposition) can hit various charts anywhere from 38 - 42 years of age. So the planet that times your Midlife Crisis, if you have one - some people keep their life new and fresh and they’re cool, no crisis necessary! - has entered the sign of Taurus. It dipped its toe into Taurus in May but retrograded back into Aries. Now there was a lot of volcanic activity back then but I'm not saying that is going to happen again, though it bears watching. Anyway, I don't know what you know about the sign Taurus but when you think of a bull or ox (I'm a wood ox in Chinese astrology) what do you get? Strong like bull! Taurus is all about proving to themselves and to others that they are STRONG, that they can COPE, that slow but steady plows the field and wins the race to plant the seeds that will make some fine meals possible. The Earth's bounty is true wealth. Taurus is said to be ruled by Venus but I think it is ruled by the Earth. So here comes Uranus, ready to shake things up and if Taurus rules real wealth, it is connected to our Value System because that is how we discover what we consider to be valuable and true wealth. Some people think Uranus/Taurus will crash the fiat (printed) money system and people will need gold, while others think that in that situation it is “lead" that is going to be most valuable. I am not a gloom and doomer. I think there's no need to predict what's going to happen, it's happening! There is now a debate that, believe it or not, is just getting started about our value as individual human beings and what we value, too. There’s the debate about the haves and the have nots and the wide gap between them getting wider. There’s those in the gigantic USA who want to apply policies and systems that have worked for much smaller populations around the world, many of whom are rich in Earth’s bounty. This is obviously a revolution on the march that wants to make money, property and power more equitably distributed. Uranus in Taurus. In the USA, I can predict that the politicians who offer a debt jubilee on student loan debt are going to get elected. They may also actually propose the same for credit card debt. I realize that this sounds crazy, but Uranus rules crazy so it's not so crazy. I’m not saying these are practical or great ideas, but you can’t have people suffering under debt for too long without pressure building and revolutionary zeal rising and rising. I’ll write more about Uranus in Taurus over the next few years. If you want to learn how you can use the magic of science and the science of magic to get you to the future you want to be living in, a future where you are safe and your bills are paid, read my book QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS. It may sound crazy but it works. We also have a free Facebook Group where you can learn the basics, but the book is worth the money and the eBook is really worth the money.

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