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The Lunar Eclipse & so called "Super Moon" will be happening late Sunday night, 11:40 PM until 12:40 AM on Monday morning EST (I live in New York). I don't want to give away too much of the info I'll be sharing with you in our Facebook Live event on Monday at 3 PM EST so let me tell you about the "But wait! There's more!" event that is going on simultaneously with the Lunar event. Where should I begin? Well, how about with Mars in Aries, an aggressive energy to begin with that is about to make an exact square (90 degrees, irritating like sand in an oyster) energy blend (aspect) with Saturn in Capricorn. Mars square Saturn in any sign means energy released in a controlled and disciplined fashion. For the disciplined and others who expect big things to move slowly, this is a time of steady progress. For the impatient, it is a time of felling like you're going nowhere. But as an astrologer I'm particularly excited about the fact that Mars and Saturn are in their "rulership" signs, the signs where they feel the most "at home" and powerful. So, in general, we all have A LOT of energy available to make significant slow but steady progress if you can get past the usual gang of impediments: inertia, laziness, fear, giving a damn what other people say, needing to see immediate results, not being realistic and remembering that some goals are impossible to achieve, etc. You know them well, we all do. But it's a great time for organization, filing, planning, and pushing the rock up the hill slowly and surely. And if you've read this far you deserve to know that THIS IS SUCH A LUCKY TIME!! OMG (and you know I never say OMG!) I mean, Venus is conjunct Jupiter for OMG's sake!!!!! And in Jupiter's Home sign, rulership sign of Sagittarius!!!!!!!! Despite the fact that I was super correct with my prediction advice warning everyone about Mercury conjuncting Pluto producing SHTF shitstorm conditions where people will be amazed and not necessarily pleased by what other people are saying this past Friday and Saturday (and probably a bit today), the next five days can be a time of expansive love, of beautiful opportunities, romance, harmony all the stuff that makes our Saturn/time limited on Earth Jupiter/fortunate and lucky even. Babies born today are potentially super lucky and they have FIVE planets in their rulership signs, the astrologer's mind boggles! Moon/Cancer, Mars/Aries, Jupiter/Sagittarius, Saturn/Capricorn, and Neptune/Pisces - such special children! And speaking of babies, please consider gifting yourself or someone with Amy Zerner and my new baby, ASTROLOGY FOR WELLNESS. In publishing it is said that a book’s title should proclaim its “promise” and ASTROLOGY FOR WELLNESS delivers on its promise just like its parents. Please by it from your local bookstore but if you don’t have one here’s the link. It’s the #1 New Release in ASTROLOGY on Amazon!

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