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READ THIS AND FAITES VOTRE JOUR ("Make your day," said by French croupiers to entice people to bet), now w/paragraphs: Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Sun so it is in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac for about a year. It has JUST today entered the sign of Sagittarius, the sign it "rules" and Jupiter in Sagittarius should amplify in our daily lives the things the planet and sign are known for, most of them are really, really good! If you have a hard time accepting from me that things can get good then you have allowed the negativity of the world to beat the positivity out of you. Remember, there’s always light and dark and you have to stay positive and enjoy life as best as you can. Don’t let the assholes who want to wallow in negativity convince you that their craziness that it’s ok to be mean to mean people and hurt people who might hurt you is the way to live. The Law of Karma doesn’t take a holiday nor does it give a pass those who sew violence and hatred and nastiness. I’m just saying because, once again, I’m trying to save lives - negativity gets you sick. Jupiter and Sagittarius are all about Nature and Natural Healing. Here’s some metaphysical health info: Back problems are symbolic that the sufferer does not feel supported. Pains in the neck are, you guessed, symbolic that the sufferer is experiencing someone or something that is a pain in the neck. I’m talking symbolic, not cause. But there is in my humble opinion a definite somatic (of the body) manifestation of spiritual and mental problems that are not recognized or dealt with to the satisfaction of the sufferer. But don’t let me rain on this Jovial Parade talking about illness - I’m demonstrating Sagittarian over-honesty! Jupiter in Sag for a year is AWESOME!!! I know this seems too good to be true, but WISDOM will become fashionable again, or at least stupidity and the projection of one's creepiness onto others will noticeably diminish. OK, here are some of the things JUPITER is associated with in Astrology: How we grow when things are good; Growth and/or expansion beyond a normal, expected amount; Luck!; Foreign travel or travel that expands one's mind; Justice!; Publishing; Broadcasting: The Internet: WISDOM!; Jovial stuff (Jove was the other name for Jupiter). The Jovial aspect might make one think that Comedy and Comedians might start being funny again, intentionally funny, I mean, but I have my doubts. I did my part to start the PC movement because I used “she” instead of “he” and the Goddess’ HERstory rather than history in our 1991 book/divination system, GODDESS GUIDE ME. I think it’s gone a bit too far and is stifling comedy, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t feel stifled one bit and I’m the funniest person I know (which is a very weird thing to write/say, more Sagittarian over-honesty!) Sagittarius is all about Speaking One's Truth and that can also mean BLUNTNESS IS BACK! I'm not talking about rudeness, which never seems to leave the building. A Sagittarian (Sun, Moon, Rising Sign or Jupiter there) HAS to tell you THE TRUTH as they see it or else they feel like they are lying. I'm not kidding. These are the people known for saying the shit that stays with you forever. Like, it might be true from your point of view but WHAT THE FUCK did you just say? Yup. That kind of thing. Sagittarius is all about truth, philosophy, law, religion (by the book), truth, bluntness, putting your foot in your mouth, revealing secrets, and The Great Outdoors, Nature in general and large animals like horses in particular. Chiron, the brilliant Centaur who taught Achilles, is the symbol for Sagittarius. So if you think that you have seen too many people engaging their mouth before their wise brain, you ain't seen nothing yet! In the parlance of the times, Shit's about to get real! And figure out a way to either get yourself into the fresh air and the Great Outdoors or figure out a way to bring a bit of it indoors, like adopting a pet or a plant or cleaning your windows or something. You figure it out. It's WISDOM TIME, after all!

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