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A Change Is Gonna Come!

I know, just what we need, more ch-ch-changes! Each of the planets and signs have a different take on "change," which is another word for "life" if you think about it (and I do!) Jupiter is how we grow and change and live when things are going well and things should be noticeably better when Jupiter enters its Home sign of Sagittarius.

Uranus is how we grow and change and live when the shit hits the fan, when we live in "interesting" times a la the Chinese curse. Uranus is retrograding back into Aries, where it was for seven years or so prior to this past April (uh, oh! I remember that time!)

Mercury (how our logical mind helps us grow, think, live) retrograde in Sag back into Scorpio, Venus (what we love and loves us) coming out of Libra, where it was and going back into Scorpio and Mars, the energy that helps us "fight" for what we want and need to live, goes into the compassionate sign of Pisces.

What's it all mean? Fasten your seat-belts because A Change Is Gonna Come!

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