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Of course, it's impossible to actually push the river and the I Ching makes this abundantly clear. Meme writing requires something to grab your attention and it's actually sort of kind of true today, it's a day to GO FOR IT. To have faith in one's self. And if you don't feel self-confident, remember what they say about smiling. Smiling when you're not particularly happy actually stimulates you to feel happier. So it is with having faith in one's self. If you weren't so down on yourself and gave the situation a moment's reflection, you'd realize that here you are, alive and as well as you can be at this moment, because you have overcome A LOT of obstacles and tsuris (troubles) and people standing in your way and actively opposing you. Of course, if you want to be old Dark Ages school and be down on yourself because you're human and delicate and fallible, go right ahead. My Quantum Affirmations technique requires that you be REAL about the future you want to be living in and that can extend to the future you're living in right now. Sure, there's crap to deal with and you're not as...I don't know, successful, perfect, wonderful as you expect yourself to be. So what else is new? That's life, everyone's life. The people without self-doubts are the people who should be doubting themselves. The good people are too often down on themselves. The astro weather energy matrix is a shit storm of complexity, no lie, and the only way to get through the next few weeks is to HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF!!

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