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The PLANET Pluto, which in the psychological language that is astrology symbolizes our powerful subconscious, has been "retrograde" since April of this year, meaning that as viewed from Earth, Pluto has appeared to be going backwards through the zodiac all those months and now it will appear stationary, beginning to move forward later on tonight, Sunday, Sept 30th, 2018. When Pluto is retrograde your time is best spent cleaning out the cobwebs of your subconscious, trying to become as aware as possible about the "shadow" side of your consciousness and, if possible, accepting it as a part of you and not some "gate to hell.” Pluto in mythology was the god who decided who went to Heaven and who went to Hell, so in astrology Pluto rules judgment or judgement, depending on where you live. I have the planet Pluto on my Ascendant in the sign of Leo, so when I judge something and find it wanting, I can make a big show trial of it! Therefore, I have to keep things in perspective, which I can do (uh, most of the time!) because Pluto in my chart is retrograde, along with five other planets! Back to our regularly schedule essay! Though I can scarcely believe I am about to write these words, when Pluto goes direct you can expect to see all kinds of underworld type behavior! Right? Haven't we seen enough? Well, the key word here is "see." The underworld workers and their underhanded work are going to be SEEN, caught out, exposed. Why? Because when Pluto goes direct, people are inclined to stop stopping themselves from displaying their dark side in the light and so they are easier for the perceptive people to see and they make mistakes and that enables even the less perceptive people to see the nefarious plutocrats and the plutocracy and the underworld types and the power mad who will stop at nothing - grab the popcorn and keep your morality where you can see it. We're all going to need it now that Pluto is "stationary direct," appearing to stand still before it goes direct. How appropriate that the news here in the Untied (sic) States of America is all about the judging of a judge. Pluto is loving it! Star Date: Supplemental: I just realized I didn't explain the "Do or Die" statement. Sorry. Pluto is the ruling planet of intense, no nonsense, it's black or it's white (no gray) Scorpio. When Pluto goes stationary direct, it is an energy for transformation that must find expression and so if you have been on the fence about something, prevaricating, or even if you have been fighting the good fight, now is the time to push, push, push as hard as you can for victory. A word of caution, though. Pluto is Mars to the tenth power so if you push for victory, you can show no quarter and have to win completely. Pluto and compromise don't mix. I hope that explains it. Don't give up, make your stand, end the situation and win it. And buy one of our books or Amy Zerner’s jewelry or one of her amazing art works or fashion pieces. Life is short, surround yourself with real art and beauty. You deserve it and we deserve it.

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