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EMBRACE THE SUCK AND READ THIS: Saturn is the Lord of Discipline and I don't mean the kind who wears leather outfits and puts the masochists through their paces. Saturn don't play, Saturn is REALITY! In my understanding of Astrology as a psychological language, Saturn represents our Sense of Time and Timing, how we relate to Structure, Authority, and the aforementioned discipline. So, I hear you wondering, what about becoming a millionaire? Well, Saturn has been in its home sign of Capricorn since 2017 and will be there until 2020 and this is a great time, in many ways a perfect time, to work, work, work your booty off at something you are willing to endure to accomplish your goal, to become successful as you define success, to become an authority, to become respected by those you respect. Saturn is the stern father, the stern teacher, just as Reality is the sternest teacher imaginable. We all only have so much time left on our biological clocks, though I just read that a form of NAD pills may be extending the lives of the fortunate to 150 in five years or so after human trials by its Harvard Medical and Australian research teams - it was in the Daily Mail. Saturn will reward them big time, pun intended, if they succeed in extending our lifetimes. Saturn rewards those who work hard and don't take the short cuts. And we will benefit from their efforts and maybe have more time to work hard, because Saturn is How We Grow When Faced With REality. And if you've read this far you deserve to know what Saturn Stationary Direct means for you. When the planet Saturn is retrograde, we have become aware of how we limit ourselves and deal with our limitations for good or ill. Those of us who have endured and learned from the Great Teacher will now, when Saturn goes Direct, be able to apply what we learned so that we can better navigate REALITY. The next few days would be well spent if you took a couple of minutes each day to think about/meditate upon your limits, what you've learned in the past few months, how knowing your limitations has benefited you, and give some thought to how your understanding of reality has shifted in the past few months because I bet it has. And, if you want to have your mind blown, read "The Nature of Personal Reality," by Jane Roberts who channeled it from an entity named Seth. I found this book to be life changing. So, once again, astrology, like tarot, is not about Fortune Telling but it can help you make your fortune. As J.P. Morgan, America's first billionaire, said of astrology, "Millionaires don't use astrology, Billionaires use astrology." So embrace the suck, do the work, don't slack off, and you, too, can fulfill your life's goals. I most certainly hope you do and soon, too!

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