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Tips for Getting Through This MERCURY RETROGRADE!

As someone born with six (6!) retrograde planets, out of ten and the Sun and Moon are NEVER retrograde, I think I know of what I speak here. Yes, Mercury was retrograde on the day I was born. That hasn't stopped me from having one of the best lives I know, in fact, it's helped me a lot and now I'm going to help you use the energy of this current Mercury REtrograde in Leo to your benefit and it isn't your usual "Don''t sign, don't buy, don't go..." Merc Ret advice.

Those of you who read my advice column know my basic take on Mercury Retrograde, i.e., Be Aware or Beware, but there is a secret aspect to Merc Ret that can truly benefit anyone and everyone. I just hope that I am able to articulate it clearly. It is a Mercury Retrograde, after all - just kidding!

Mercury is the planet that symbolizes Communication, our Logical Mind, our Skill Set, how we Navigate the World. When Mercury is direct, also known as Most of the Time, we do our thing and don't really second guess our thought process.

When Mercury is REtrograde, we are SUPPOSED to second guess our thought process!!! That's REview, REveal, REthink, and a bunch of other RE's. The most powerful thing a person can do during a Mercury REtrograde, in terms of making their life better, is to REalize how much time they "spend," or "waste," only you can find out and that's the point!

I mean, how much time you give, because you are really giving this your thought time, aka, your precious life's moments, how much of it you give to a particular Line of Thought. Stay with me now. Now it gets good.

I mean, do you think A LOT about making more money, finding a better job, dealing with a particular person or problem, finding true love, getting someone to change or do something for you? I will give you an example of what I'm talking about.

Let's say you do my Quantum Affirmations technique and you change your life and you accomplish a goal. I've done this many times and I know that you can accomplish a long-term goal without using my Quantum Affirmations technique, but indulge me.

Let's say that you attain a long-held goal, OK? Congratulations! But you know what? One of the tings that is going to happen to you is that you are going to REalize how much of your thought process was going into just thinking about this goal, all the "Why hasn't it happened?" "What can I do to make it happen?" "Wow, when it happens…" I'm telling you, you are going to shit when you realize how much of your precious mental energy and TIME was SPENT in this manner.

Well, the REtrograde Mercury can help you become aware of this fact of your present existence without your having attained that goal. In fact, you may become aware of it by Mercury screwing around with your thoughts or skill set or the events and BAM, you are forced to confront this subtle but important fact: You're wasting time that could be better spent about living life?

So, come along with me and do one of my Quantumplaytions, the fifth and final step in my Quantum Affirmations technique, where you visualize as much as you can the time in the future when you will have attained your goal. Lots of things won't change, but several will and one of them will be that there will be a "hole" in your life caused by the fact that all that mental and psychic energy you have put into trying to attain your goal is no longer necessary! You did it! NOW what do you want?

I'm not saying you even have to figure it out now, certainly not, it will take a while when you attain your goal, but you should experience that lack of a large piece of your daily attention span. AND THAT IS WHAT YOU CAN DO TO MAKE BEST PRACTICES USE OF MERCURY RETROGRADE, especially in Leo, which is all about SHOWTIME! If you feel odd, like you’re not obsessing enough, not thinking enough, that you feel spacey, tired, lack of direction, a bit lost, that’s totally rad and wonderful! You are SUPPOSED to feel like that and you can thank Mercury. It’s showing you that you have been unconsciously been spending too much time on one thing when there are a bunch of other things you should be thinking about, too.

As our friend, Dr Gerald Epstein says, “You have to separate your intention from your attention.” When Mercury is retrograde it is much easier to do it, though most people react to this gift as if someone has cut their deep-sea diving air hose. The unexamined life is not worth living. Mercury REtrograde gives you the mental space to examine your thoughts and your thoughts in a very real way control your perception of your life and Life!

And if you want to learn more about my Quantum Affirmations technique for manifesting your long-held dreams as quickly as possible, here’s the link to our free free free Facebook Group where you can learn more. The world needs more people who are living the life that they have dreamed of living, right? Why not be one of them. And the group is free.

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